Friday, November 18, 2011

#IRAQ: #BBC Propaganda For The U.S....Propaganda Fails To Mention The American Rapists Of Iraqi Women And Children !

As the 31 December deadline for the pullout of all the American troops from Iraq approaches, the BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse in Baghdad asks what kind of a country Washington leaves behind.

"I've been here for over six years," said John, a mulletted, moustachioed civilian contractor, driving a pickup truck through the dusty lanes of Camp Kalsu.

"I'm helping to do whatever needs to be done. Take it easy, see ya!" and with that he cranked up the volume on his iPod, plugged into the pickup's stereo, and drove off in a blast of country and western.

John is just one of tens of thousands of Americans - civilian and military - getting out of Iraq.
Camp Kalsu, 50km (31 miles) south of Baghdad, is a glorified military truck-stop. And these days, it's busy.

Every day convoys of military trucks and tanks snake their way onto this base, as they head south towards Kuwait.

There are still some 30,000 US soldiers in Iraq. By the end of December, they must all be gone.