Friday, December 23, 2011

#IRAN : U.S. Call For Iran War Classic Deception !

A Harvard professor of international affairs says the warmongering calls for a military strike on Iran follow a classic model of deception that involves fabricating a threat and downplaying the repercussions of an attack.

‘There is a simple and time-honored formula for making the case for war, especially preventive war,’ Stephen M. Walt wrote on the Foreign Policy website.

He said the first step is to portray the supposed threat as dire and growing, adding in the second phase the costs and risks of launching a war are downplayed.

‘If you want to sound sophisticated and balanced, you acknowledge that there are counterarguments and risks involved,’ Walt added.

He said the threats of a military action against Iran, which are based upon the pretext that the country is building a nuclear weapon, come despite the fact that Tehran’s decades-old nuclear program has never deviated towards weapons production.

‘Both the 2007 and 2011 National Intelligence Estimates have concluded that there is no conclusive evidence that Iran is pursuing an actual bomb.’

Having fabricated the threats of a hypothetically nuclear armed Iran, the advocates of military action against the country now offer a consistently upbeat appraisal of how the war would go, Walt added.

‘Trying to justify the need for war, [the warmongers] depict an Iran with far-reaching capabilities and dangerously evil intentions in order to convince readers that we have to stop them before it is too late.’

But when it comes to selling a preventive war to the public, then suddenly the war hawks downgrade Iran’s capabilities as rather modest and claim the United States could easily deal with any countermeasures that Iran would take, Walt more