Wednesday, December 28, 2011



There were only a relatively few people at the time of JFK's death that did question what the news trained the country into thinking. The story of Dorothy Kilgallen is interesting since she was killed for what she knew. She was a well-known newswoman, columnist and television personality. She often appeared on 'What's My Line?' She had inside information of a Kennedy Conspiracy. She campaigned against the lone gunman idea when she came to a mysterious death. Were the conspirators still at work two years after Kennedy's death and caused the death of Ms. Kilgallen?

On 11/8/65, Dorothy Kilgallen was found dead in her apartment shortly after returning from Dallas. She had the exclusive rights of interviewing Jack Ruby. She had covered the Ruby trial and conducted her own investigation into who really killed President Kennedy. Kilgallen revealed secret transcripts of Ruby's testimony in her column. She told Lee Israel that she had 'discovered something that was going to break the whole JFK assassination mystery wide open.' She told the same story to her neighbor, her agent, her hairdresser, her publisher and the host of 'Nightlife.'

What could have been in the Ruby transcipts? What could Kilgallen have known? Dorothy had said and written that slain Officer J.D. Tippit and Jack Ruby were friends. They had been seen together in Ruby's Carousel Club at a meeting two weeks before the assassination. They met Bernard Weissman who had placed the 'JFK - Wanted for Treason' ad in a Dallas newspaper on November 22, 1963. They encountered a fourth man whose identity remains unknown.

Kilgallen was found dead at a time exactly prior to when she was going to go public with a Kennedy bombshell. The official report from New York police and confirmed by the coroner was that she died from a lethal combination of alcohol and barbituates. Her notes and the article that she was working on to 'blow the JFK assassination wide open' completely disappeared.