Thursday, February 23, 2012

Free #Syria Army has adapted to guerrilla warfare and sectarian brinkmanship

They talk of torture BUT it is nothing compared to the American torture poured onto the innocent Iraqi men, woman and children.  American propaganda and the 'Free Syrian Army' 'paid for with American dollars used to inflame the public and make them think of wild animals and massacres when it is the Americans who are the wild dogs of war.

Wiklileaks leaked document demonstrates American had it in for Syria back in 2006. A couple of dead journalists may be all they need to now smash another country because they refuse to bow to  Satan America ....A Nazi regime intent on ethnic cleansing every muslim from the planet for it's master 's the Zionists

WADI KHALED, Lebanon: In a small cold house a few hundred meters south of the border with Syria, Khaled, a young fighter with the Free Syrian Army, patiently sits, cellphone in hand, waiting for a call.
When his phone finally rings it will signal his immediate departure from the relative comfort of his safe house, across a border laced with land mines and patrolled by Syrian troops, to the dangers and rigors of combat in the area around Tal Kalakh, 2 kilometers inside Syria.
“I am just waiting for the call and then I will leave immediately. I can’t wait to get back into action again,” said the serious-looking 25-year-old with slicked back dark hair and a thin trace of a beard.
Khaled, a sniper in the Tal Kalakh Martyrs’ Brigade, has been recuperating in Lebanon for two months from injuries received last year when he was beaten and tortured while in prison.
His experiences over the past year are typical of thousands of other young predominantly Sunni army conscripts who have balked at the regime’s harsh crackdown against opposition protesters and deserted to join the FSA.
Khaled wore a red tracksuit top and gray pants and sat cross-legged beside a small gas heater that crackled as it struggled to defeat the damp chill in the sparsely furnished room. A pile of foam mattresses and blankets were stacked in one corner. Several other young Syrian men, two of them Khaled’s comrades in the Tal Kalakh Martyrs’ Brigade, were seated on mats against the wall. Their heads flicked between Khaled as he recounted his story and the small television in the corner which was broadcasting images of anti-regime protests carried by the Al-Ghad channel, a newly launched station for the Syrian opposition.
Khaled previously served with an air defense regiment and was deployed near Damascus. He was on leave in Tal Kalakh in March just as the anti-regime protests began to spread and joined the initial demonstrations in his town.
“Although I was a soldier, the killings [of protesters] were too much for me,” he said.
Upon his return to his unit, Khaled was arrested and placed in solitary confinement. He says he was severely beaten and tortured with electrodes placed either side of his neck. When he fell unconscious, his interrogators would revive him by throwing buckets of cold water over him.
“During interrogations, they would suspend me by my wrists from the ceiling so that my toes were barely touching the ground. They would keep me in that position for hours,” Khaled said.

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