Thursday, February 23, 2012

#Syria : The Truth Through Media Lies

The situation in the city of Homs is improving, but unfortunately slowly. The law enforcement forces refrain from starting a large-scale operation in order to avoid any civilian casualties, however that results many deaths among the law enforcement personnel. Some quarters in the city have been almost cleaned and the life is returning to normal, not that quick but definitely better than the situation.

The terrorist acts escalated in the city after the Arab league team started its mission in Syria. The goal of that team was basically to seize the hands of the Syrian security and to give a cover and protection for the terrorist groups. However some of the AL team members didn't accept to be messengers of destruction in Syria, and the final report was not as the gulf monarchies and their masters in the west desired.

A few quarters in the city are still living under the mercy of terrorism, where the terrorists are practicing their Wahhabi beliefs making use of the conservative community to get shelter and support.

Homs needs a swift and firm action. The Syrian army must get involved and purge the city of terrorists once and for more