Friday, March 16, 2012

#Afghanistan : American Murderer Still Not Named To Protect Him !

No one will be able to pinpoint exactly what made an American staff sergeant massacre 16 Afghan civilians, but the facts surrounding the senseless killing spree will loom large in his prosecution. Last night, the unnamed solider's attorney, John Henry Browne, confirmed to CNN that his client could face the death penalty, which will mean extenuating circumstances will play a major role in court. Browne and U.S. officials have begun surfacing details about the 30-something father of two, including his mental state and the developments leading up to the massacre. Here were the cocktail of forces weighing on the solider:

Alcohol It's not something you think of as a determinant of homicidal behavior, but a U.S. official, speaking on background to Bloomberg this morning, says "the drinking, a violation of regulations governing U.S. troops in combat zones, may have been what sent [him] over the edge." It's not clear how much he had imbibed before the incident but senior American officials tell The New York Times that two other soliders drank with him on the night of the shootings who will now face "disciplniary action. The day before the rampage, The Washington Post reports that the solider saw his friend's leg blown off and many of the soliders at the base were affected by the incident. Pushing back against U.S. officials, the soldier's attorney denied alcohol use was a factor. more