Monday, March 12, 2012

#Afghanistan :#TAPI - Bereaved Abergavenny mum calls for troops to get out of Afghanistan

This mother has been brainwashed by the British and American Regime's into believeing her son died for women's rights...No one has told her about the TAPI pipeline and why her son really died ! Russia stayed for TEN long years before giving up and many more young men will die in the coming days not knowing the real reason why they were there in the first place !

THE mother of a Gwent soldier who was the 200th British serviceman to lose his life in the Afghanistan war is today calling for the troops to come home.

Hazel Hunt, from Abergavenny, lost her 21-year-old son Private Richard Hunt in August 2009 after he was fatally injured in an explosion near Musa Qala. He died a few days later at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham.

Mrs Hunt said she thought the British Army’s job had been to bring some form of democracy to a troubled land, but now believes the situation is just “going round in circles” after hearing Afghan president Hamid Karzai does not want to give women rights.