Sunday, March 25, 2012

#Afghanistan : #Nazi American Massacre - Lie Follows Lie To Protect A YANK !

Robert Bales comes straight from the central casting book of stooges. Brains addled and cooked by three duty tours in Afghanistan, high as a kite on drugs, up to his neck in debt and fraud, serial groper, everything it seems but daylight bank robbery.
What is he doing, one ventures to ask, in the US army dedicated to bring peace and enlightenment to the primitive peoples of Afghanistan, trapped in their Islamic darkness?
The answer is nothing. Bales is a victim, like the seventeen people, including children, sprayed with bullets one dark night in the Kandahar snake pit on the specious grounds they had something to do with a roadside bomb that earlier injured seven US soldiers.

The truth that dare not speak its name is Nazi-style retaliatory genocide.

During WWII, Germans troops repeatedly committed gross violations of the Geneva Conventions by inflicting collective punishment on civilians wherever and whenever partisans and similar forces attacked the invaders.

Granted it does not compare in scale with the Mai Lai affair of March 1968, in which US troops inflamed by Viet Cong attacks massacred between 400 and 500 villagers in a single crazed shooting spree.

In that case, most were high on barbituates, frightened stiff and wanted to go home. They hated the war and they came to hate too the very people they had been sent to supposedly protect.

This is exactly the same playbook which has just been repeated in the villages of Balandi and Alkozai, situated to the world in unknown subsistence territory deep in the Panjwai district of Kandahar.

There is nothing in this remote dustbowl that is in any way worth fighting over. Yet, the US erected a massive fortified camp right by those two communities who would bury their dead and loved ones without understanding why they were killed.

That is a terrible epitaph in itself. But this is the real face of the grotesque and useless war that the United States and its supplicant NATO coalition has inflicted on Afghanistan.
Let us dispose of Robert Bales, 38, married, father of two children, decorated on previous tours, as the maddened nutcase who went on a freelance shooting spree because he fuelled up on too much hooch on a supposedly ‘dry’ base.

Numerous witnesses – who will be regarded as sub-humans because they are Muslims and therefore do not go to church on Sundays – have described around fifteen to twenty American soldiers on a drunken rampage. One of them thoughtfully brought along a drum of gasoline to barbecue the remains of the people they knew that they were going to kill.
I mention this small detail because it speaks of forethought and at the very least, a considerable degree of planning and intent to commit a massacre.

Kandahar is not the kind of place where you step out for a stroll after supper. Any ‘NATO’ soldier who fancies stretching his legs outside the fortified encampment is taking a chance with his life.

So we are asked to believe that the camp guards calmly let Bales and his companions walk out without as much as “hey where the f*** do you think you are going?”

My contention is simple: Bales and his companions left Camp Belamby not, as now proclaimed, on some last minute winsome high-octane fuelled vengeance but a dedicated and clear intention to murder innocent people that was known and condoned by the ruling top brass in the camp.

Many accounts are now circulating on the Internet (and even a few hints surfacing in the mainstream media) that Camp Belamby suffers from what is known in the corporate world as ‘management problems.’

After ten years of fruitlessly trying to wear down the local invisible enemy, nerves wear out and it is no surprise that even the tough guys at the top start to see peculiar visions distilled in the bottom of the nightly whisky glass.

The US-led invaders have now committed so many horrors in this land of coke and ancient men walking around in white nightshirts with the aid of walking sticks that it can be readily understood that the board of directors at Camp Belamby collectively decided it was time to teach the locals a damned good lesson.

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