Thursday, March 8, 2012

#IRAN : World War 111 Rally Is In Full Swing

In what amounts to a grotesque instance of outright pandering, Department of Defense head Leon Panetta recently spoke at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual conference and assured the audience that “we will keep all options – including military action – on the table to prevent (Iran) from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”  You know you live in a kleptocracy when one of the heads of the federal government openly appeases perhaps the most influential and financially flush lobbying groups in the country.

Panetta’s assurance confirmed what the majority of Americans have long feared- that their government stands ready and willing to involve itself in another war despite public opinion being in opposition of such an excursion.

If the Republican presidential primary has proven anything, besides the propensity for politicians to offer only vague pronouncements and crowd pleasing sound bites on complex issues, it’s that the bloodthirsty urges of the GOP are incapable of being quenched.  For years, the neoconservatives who make up the Republican establishment have been pounding the war drums over Iran.  About 33,000 American military deaths in Iraq and over 1 million Iraqi casualties have done nothing to dissuade the warmongering rhetoric of the candidates (with the exception of Ron Paul).

On the same day as Panetta’s address to AIPAC, presidential candidate Mitt Romney laid out a “comprehensive” plan to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon in a Washington Post editorial.  What does this “comprehensive” plan entail the reader may ask?  Simple; just throw more money at a defense department already blowing through its coffers at a sum higher than the top 14 military spenders in the world combined.  Armed with political theorist Frederic Bastiat’s invaluable concept of the “unseen,” one can only begin to imagine the technological breakthroughs and consumer satisfying goods such money could have been invested towards if not being pilfered into nation building, military contractor boondoggles, and supporting imperial aggression abroad.

While Romney is busy trumpeting the image of a towering, maniacal Iran on the precipice of waging world war, as syndicated columnist Eric Margolis points out, Iran’s military, in actuality, is quite weak and utilizes dated equipment.
The mainstay of Iran’s air force remains about 60 ancient US-built F-14 naval fighters, F-4 Phantom strike aircraft dating from the Vietnam era, and some old US F-5 trainers. Iran also has a grab bag of some 25 Soviet/Russian Mig-29’s, a similar number of capable SU-24 strike aircraft, and some 20 Chinese outdated F-7 fighters. The US-supplied aircraft all suffer from metal fatigue and are more of a danger to their hapless pilots than an enemy.
Romney is far from alone in his prodding Iran into war to stoke public fear and win the White House.  GOP candidate hopefuls Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have long admitted their desire to launch a military strike over Iran’s pursuance of nuclear arms.  The Trotskyite influence of placing the divinity of the state and its leaders on a moral pedestal is still a dominant feature of the neoconservative movement despite its supposed opposition to collectivism.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has continued to stress it’s preference for abstaining from a military strike despite its track record of continued interventionism abroad.  Well known to any fair minded observer, the Obama presidency hasn’t been one of foreign peace as promised during the 2008 campaign but has embodied the same perpetual warfare that defined the Bush administration and virtually all presidencies dating back to the time of the Spanish-American War.  From ousting Libya leader Muammar Gaddafi and bombing the country’s China-provided oil infrastructure to deploying troops in Africa to hunt down the leader of a rag tag militant group posing no threat to the U.s. and no bigger than a small Amish community, the devotion toward military imperialism remains alive and well within the White House.  Unmanned drone strikes which have escalated under Obama’s leadership are thought to cause more civilian deaths than actually fulfilling their goal of killing terrorists.  This includes at least 168 children.  Last Friday, March 2, 2012, the Pentagon even admitted that U.S. forces are now operating and fighting within Yemen.

Since when was war declared on Yemen?  When were the American people told their blood and treasure was being spilled in yet another country?  None of these excursions were Constitutional but that slight conditionality has long seen been forgotten by the three branches of Leviathan.

In regards to Iran, the administration’s “diplomatic” approach of sanctioning is quite unfitting for a man once bestowed with the Nobel Peace Prize.  Only in our world of Orwellian speak would sanctions, that is the barring of individuals to trade goods with other individuals in another country, not be considered an act of war.  Starving a populace to induce change is no more humane than starving a dog so it will fight more aggressively when pitted head to head in a match with another canine.  Sanctions are only exacerbating the pain of the Iranian people and “are turning into a form of collective punishment” according to Hooman Majd writing in the New York much much more