Sunday, March 18, 2012

#Syria : #England #NHS - Armed Police And Media Blackout

Yesterday, March 17th 2012,  people of Syria marched through the streets of London telling the British people  they were being lied to by their Government...ASSAD is NOT killing his people, they also do not have a NICK CLEGG who lies to their students...If in Syria you wish to further your education and become a doctor, scientist or engineer your education is free .... they also have a wonderful FREE NHS system, the British Government do not want you to know this so they blacked out ALL news coverage  for yesterday! This information and the march came under a complete media blackout in England along with the Bristish NHS doctors demonstration some of whom may have nursed David Cameron's dying son.......The police yesterday were armed against those very same doctors and nurses with machine guns under Cameron's orders....there's more


The NHS protest in London yesterday was ‘greeted’ with heavy kettling tactics and armed police.

The ConDem regime are terrified of any form of lawful protest and the heavy-handed tactics of the ‘police’, proves this corrupt regime will resort to any desperate measure to enforce its will.
Coupled with a total media blackout, we are witnessing a dangerous new dawn of ‘relations’ between the public and the State.

The media blackout was highly likely the result of a Government DA-Notice to prevent the wider public learning of the NHS protest and more importantly the terror tactics used by the police.
Still think you live in a ‘liberal’ democracy? Yesterday should prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Britain has descended into the arms of a Police State with total control of the puppet more