Saturday, April 14, 2012

#Bahrain : Disgraced John Yates policing Arab apartheid

Disgraced ex-policeman John Yates says that Bahrain is “safer than London”, and that the Bahrain uprising is “like the London riots”. In fact, the Bahrain uprising is a major event. Bahrain has seen bigger demonstrations as a percentage of population than any other country affected by the “Arab Spring”.
I’ll discuss these claims in a moment, but first Bahraini readers might be interested in the events that led to Yates coming to Bahrain.

Until 18th July 2011 Yates was Assistant Commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police, and Chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority. He was forced to resign from both these positions over allegations that he misled Parliament and the British public over the extent of the hacking of people’s private telephones by now defunct British newspaper The News of the World. This hacking was done not for any reason of national security, but to gather juicy stories to sell sordid newspapers.
Right now, Bahrainis are protesting and DYING for an open civil society. One of the things they are dying for is the right of Bahrain’s MPs to hold the security forces to account.
Bahrainis therefore should savour the following July 2011 interrogation, screened live on British television, where British MPs hold the then Assistant Commissioner John Yates to account over his role in the phone hacking scandal; days later, Yates had to more