Saturday, April 14, 2012

#Burma : #Cameron #Fascist Plays Global Statesman.

Cameron the fascist , ordered a complete media blackout on March 17th 2012 as doctors and nurses demonstrated through the streets of London, BEGGING the BBC and those on twitter to please give them some media coverage. The Goverments mouthpiece of course refused to report how NHS staff were being kettled by Scotland Yards finest,threatened with machine guns, spat on and pushed to the ground. The BBC ball-less, gutless, remained silent , gagged under the fascist conservative party in order that Cameron and his Etonian cronies would be able to pass the third and final NHS bill through the house of parliament the following Monday morning, enabling them all to have a slice of the cherry. 

See here England's day of shame ..Media Blackout's ONLY happen in China don't they ????????

Disgraced Cameron , unelected head of yet another sleazy tory party has the face to stand next to this woman admired world wild, if only she knew the truth , that Cameron and his ilk are the enemy and they are against everything she stands for.