Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#IRAQ :GRAPHIC - Extreme Birth Deformities - What The Hell Did The YANKS Use On The Iraqi People ?

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Child with almost total deformity of the face; no recognisable features at all, and what appears to be one eye situated in the middle of the forehead.
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Child with hydrocephalus.
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Extreme hydrocephalus; deformity of face, body and ear. The line running down the right hand side of the head would appear to show that potentially two heads were forming.
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Deformity of ear; possible deformation of lower body.
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Born without eyes.  The fish-like translucent quality of the skin is possibly a result of flash photography at close range otherwise this syndrome is called Collodian Membrane Ichthyosis.
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Huge hole in child's back, which is, I believe, an extreme form of Spina Bifida.
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Possibly taken shortly after birth, this picture appears to show ambiguous genitalia, sometimes referred to as 'Non-Viable Children'.
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This child is completely covered in a white susbstance. Obvious deformation of face and eyes. Flash photography at close range obscures
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Two children with similar deformities of the face.  Dr. Gunther refers to this condition as 'Zyklopie.'
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Child with white substance covering almost the whole body: "the Harlequin Infant" or  called "congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma". 
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Front view of same child. Severe deformities of mouth and eyes. The welts appear to indicate open wounds, or unformed skin tissue.
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Severe body deformity, with head formed at 90 degree angle to upper torso.
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Severe hydrocephalus; again, almost as though two heads were being formed.
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Flash at close range obscures detail, but this appears to show malformation of the mouth and one eye missing, with the eye socket deformed.
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It isn't clear what has happened to this child, and I have no explanation for the dark nature and condition of the skin.
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Lack of focus obscures detail, but missing eyes are clearly visible, as is deformity of the mouth.
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This picture would appear to show another 'Non Viable' child, possible male, with penis and scrotum merged.
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Horrendous deformity of entire body and head. Note lack of eyes and malformation of the hands and feet.
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Child with unknown deformity of the mouth, possibly a large tumour grown during foetal stage.
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Malformation of hands, with almost total merging of all digits.
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Severe malformation of face.  Dr. Gunther refers to this condition as 'Zyklopie.'
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Severe deformity of arms. This child was born to a US Gulf veteran.
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Iraqi child with extreme hydrocephalus, and defects of cerebral nerves.
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Child with previously unknown renal disease, first diagnosed in Iraq by Dr. Gunther. The speculation is that the child had played with DU ammunition casings.
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