Sunday, April 15, 2012

#Syria #Bahrain : America's Media War Enabling Thousands To Be Slaughtered!

by Stephen Lendman

Replicating Libya's model, Western generated uprisings began in March. Since then, Syria's been ravaged by violence. Hundreds have been killed, many more injured.

Civilians and state security forces have been affected. Conflict rages daily. Casualties mount. Regime change is planned to establish another US client state.

At issue Washington's New Middle East agenda. One country at a time is ravaged toward achieving America's goal of unchallenged regional dominance to Russia's borders.

Constructive chaos aims to redraw regional lines according to US/Israeli/NATO geopolitical goals. All of it's been carefully planned, shifting from one target to the next.

Post-9/11, first Afghanistan in 2001, then Iraq, Libya, and now Syria.

Previous articles mentioned General Wesley Clark's book titled, "Winning Modern Wars." In it he said Pentagon sources told him shortly after 9/11 that war plans were being prepared against Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Somalia, Sudan and Libya. Months earlier, they were finalized against Afghanistan.

Clark added:
"And what about the real sources of terrorists - US allies in the region like Egypt, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia? Wasn't it repressive policies of the first, and the corruption and poverty of the second, that were generating many of the angry young men who became terrorists? And what of the radical ideology and direct funding spewing from Saudi Arabia?"

"It seemed that we were being taken into a strategy more likely to make us the enemy - encouraging what could look like a 'clash of civilizations' - not a good strategy for winning the war on terror."

Broadcast on FORA TV on October 3, 2007, Clark said America underwent a "policy coup" post-9/11. Hard-liners co-opted power with no public debate or acknowledgement.

Ten days after 9/11, he visited Defense Secretary Rumsfeld at the Pentagon. "No one will tell us where or when to bomb", he said. Military commanders explained Iraq would be attacked.
"I walked out of there pretty upset," said Clark. On a second visit, he was told plans were to "destroy the governments in" the above named countries.

In addition, Pakistan and others are targeted. US Special Forces death squads operate covertly in over 120 countries. So do CIA, Mossad and MI6 operatives. No one anywhere is safe, including US citizens at home or abroad. Everyone is fair game extrajudicially. So are independent nonbelligerent nations.
America's media cheerlead supportively. Imperial goals alone matter, not truth, full disclosure, democratic values or rule of law issues.

Repeatedly Iran's been pilloried. Now it's Syria's turn. Whatever Washington says is red meat to jump on. Recent New York Times and Washington Post editorials are typical.

On November 16, a New York Times editorial headlined, "The Killing in Syria Goes On," saying:
"The brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protesters by President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has left more than 3,500 people dead. International pressure for his removal is finally building - but not fast enough."

Fact check

As explained above, Libya's model is being replicated. Assad didn't instigate violence. He responded to externally generated insurgents, largely made up of Al Qaeda elements.

Like Libya's rebel rats, they were recruited, armed and trained. Covert Special Forces and intelligence operatives perhaps lead them. At issue is making Syria another US client state, and eliminating another Israeli rival for regional dominance.

Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon's Hariri March 8 alliance, and Israel are involved. Heavy weapons were brought in, including shoulder-borne rockets, anti-tank weapons, machine guns, and others.

Nothing about what's ongoing is homegrown. Despite legitimate social, economic and political grievances, most Syrians back Assad. Mass rallies show it.

Usually when disruptive forces target sitting governments, people rally supportively behind it. Libyans did it for Gaddafi and still do. Syrians have done it repeatedly despite the regime's authoritarian nature.

"The Arab League....finally (acted). On Saturday, it gave Damascus until Wednesday to end the violence or have its membership suspended. The killing has worsened." Giving Assad a three-day reprieve, League members "offer(ed) to send monitors to determine if the government was abiding by a league-brokered peace plan to end the crackdown."

"He isn't. Another three days of enabling will only ensure that more Syrians will die. The League needs (to) suspend Syria (and) impose muscular penalties for Assad's brutality."

Fact check

League members include mostly pro-Western despots. Supporting imperial lawlessness, they condoned (and for some participated in) Libya's ravaging, including massacres too great to ignore.
They're silent on NATO's plan to colonize, occupy and plunder another Arab State, as well as ongoing atrocities in Bahrain, Yemen, Somalia, Palestine, elsewhere in the region, and internally against their own people.

Since March, they supported Western-backed anti-Syrian insurgents. Regional instability followed. Regime change is planned, including perhaps war and occupation.

Washington wants conflict, not peace. Syria was peaceful until America and regional allies intervened. Arab League figures broker nothing. They do what they're told and obey. more