Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#Syria #Damascus:Three terrorists, two Tunisians and a Libyan, say they have infiltrated Syria to trigger terrorist attacks (16.05.2012)

Damascus / Three terrorists, a Libyan and two Tunisian, admitted that they have infiltrated from the Turkish border to Syria to trigger attacks in coordination with the organization of al-Qaeda and the militia of the so-called "  free army ".

In a confession broadcast on Syrian television, the terrorist, Fahed Abdel Karim Saleh al-Freites, born in 1991 in Libya, confirmed their participation in "the Libyan revolution" and joined the brigade led by Abu Salim Bou Dajaneh, an
element of al-Qaeda.He stressed have been following the news of Arab revolutions broadcast by television, including Syrian, noting that he had found after following the chain of al-Jazeera and other religious channels that the Syrian regime is "an atheist regime and kills its people, "and that, as Muslims, to cope.He added: "one of my friends, named Mohammad and belonging to al-Qaeda, contacted me to go to Syria and fight with the Muslims there against the Syrian regime. After I went to Istanbul Turkey where I have contacted a person named Mohammad Abi then to enter illegally into Syria. "He said he arrived at Latakia and stayed two weeks, and "there I met Abi Mohammad who told me he is one of the elements of the free army and that it will be the link between us and the organization of al-Qaeda, "he is noted.For its part, the terrorist Osama Hazli Mukhtar, born in Tunisia in 1990, confessed to having participated in "the revolution in Libya", stressing that there were associations on the border between Libya and Tunisia who engage in the fighters to Libya.He said he followed what is happening in Syria, "which is why I liked to participate in the revolution in this country. Then I returned to Libya to work where my friend, Rida, contacted me to go with him to Syria, "he said. "After I took the road to Turkey where I contacted Abu Ahmad, who had secured our entry to Syria and had a relationship with a person named Abu Talha who drives a jihadi group in Syria and has linked al-Qaeda, "he said.He did note that he entered Syria through the mountains to go then to the city of Latakia "where Abi Ahmad will lead us to Abi Talha or army free in order to go to the city of Idleb, "he said.For its part, the terrorist al-Majdi Ben al-Ayachi Iyari, born in 1985 in Tunisia, spoke about his participation in "the Libyan revolution" and his desire to go to Syria to participate in "the revolution".He said he went one day to pray in the mosque of al-Nour located near his house and "after prayer Aba Sheikh Issa who gave lectures in mosques spoke of solidarity with the Syria attending a tragic situation. ""After the end of that conference I told Aba Sheikh Issa I'm willing to go to Syria to join the  free army. Then Aba Sheikh Issa  ontacted Ahmad Aba and asked me to go to Turkey to meet in order to enter Syria through the mountains, "he said.He added: "I went to a house in Latakia where there were other people in Tunisia, the first is named Mohammad al-Yaaqoubi, the second Bin Mohammad Thabet, and the third al-Suheil Saqasli" stressing "that Abu Ahmad came to the house and asked us to join the next day at a moudjahids brigade to fight with it, "he concluded.A. Chatta / R. Bittar

Comment : If any of this is true ,America and the West are behind it. We know through Wikileaks released documents the yanks have been trying  for regime change in Syria since 2006.